Eco-factory – the grand opening of the new investment of Fabryka Kart

Eco-factory – the grand opening of the new investment of Fabryka Kart

We are proud to announce the inauguration on 4 September 2020 of an innovative eco-factory – the latest investment of Fabryka Kart, a company with over seventy years of experience in the production of playing cards and board games. It is a breakthrough for the industry and the first factory in the world that can offer its customers the production of environmentally friendly board games.


We have built the eco-factory in accordance with the BREEAM certificate standards, which are known to be the most frequently used method in Europe on what concerns the assessment of buildings in terms of their environmental performance. As a socially responsible company, we have applied in the new investment a number of ecological solutions, including gas heat pumps, photovoltaic systems, and rainwater in sanitary installations.


The modern eco-factory building was erected in the economic zone near Krakow and more precisely in Podłęże near Niepołomice. Together with the current building, to which the company moved from Krakow in 2014, it reflects 12 500 m2 of production and warehouse space and 2000 m2 of office space. This new investment means also new jobs, added to the company’s current workforce of over 200 people.


Thanks to the eco-factory, we can with full responsibility offer our clients – game publishers from all over the world – the production of environmentally friendly games. It is not only a response to the global trend, but above all a chance for our clients to support activities aimed at protecting the natural environment. Choosing eco-friendly production, they receive from us a certificate and the possibility of marking their games with the Ecofriendly Game logo.


The eco-offer means a choice between traditional and ecological components, raw materials and solutions. Thanks to the solutions we propose, publishers can show their clients that they care for the environment.


We know that all the small steps we take as a company will – over time – bring big changes that will have a positive impact on the natural environment. Our goal is to change reality for the better. We believe that by joining forces we can do a lot of good for our planet.