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Cards and card games are perfect products for advertising, entertainment, education and training. State-of-the-art technologies applied by the Trefl-Kraków cards manufacturer ensure the highest product quality and a wide variety of possibilities.

Clients can fully customise designs of cards or select front sides from a broad range of Trefl Group designs. Apart from various standard designs, there are also front sides for such games as Bridge, Black Jack, Poker, Canasta, Hearts, Skat, Schafkopf/Tarok, Gaigel/Binokel, Jass/Piquet, Doppelkopf, Tarot, and others.

Examples of back sides

types of card packs

Standard numbers of cards:

- 24 cards - 2 x 24 cards - 55 cards - 2 x 55 cards


Standard corner rounding: 4 mm. Standard sizes on offer:

other sizes and shapes

You can also place an order for cards of any non-standard size or shape.


As a standard, we use the following materials to manufacture cards:

JUNIOR cardboard (no inner insert):

- 250 gr/m2 - 300 gr/m2 - 350 gr/m2

two-layer duplex cardboard:

280 gr/m2 - 305 gr/m2 - 320 gr/m2 - 320 płótnowany - 350 gr/m2 - 390 gr/m2

triplex cardboard:

- 390 gr/m2




back sides

There are two types of back sides:

white border

unprinted area from 5 mm to minimum 3 mm

full bleed


- single-colour (spot or greyscale) - multi-colour - triadic colour scheme (CMYK) - triadic colour scheme + additional colour (CMYK + 1 spot)


As a standard, cards are covered with dispersion varnish. Upon our client’s request, cards can be decorated:

- glossy and matt varnish - UV matt or glossy varnish - glitter - metalizer - pressing - gilding - hot stamping


As a standard, cards are wrapped with cellophane. Standard boxes:

- flowpack - paper or plastic bags in periodicals or occasional publications - single or double cartons - carton with a hanger - cardboard packaging of various sizes - plastic single or double boxes - bottom-top boxes


- metal cans - single or double leather cases - wooden boxes - cardboard boxes with cardboard or velour inserts


- smooth plastic - flock plastic - white cardboard - printed cardboard