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We specialize in the production of complete card and board games. We offer our clients all kinds of paper-based components, from boxes to cards, boards and tokens. We can also manufacture specific game components, such as cards and packaging. In addition, we offer assembly of client-provided components.

We offer a wide variety game accessories:

-cards -box inserts -boards -punchboards with pre-cut elements -tokens -flyers -notepads

Our products are usually packaged in:

- cellophane - tuckboxes and holders - flow pack - lid & bottom boxes

Card boxes and packaging

In addition to the most popular cardboard boxes, holders, lids and bottom boxes, we can offer many other types of packaging:

- plastic boxes - blisters - metal tins - leather cases - wooden chests

complete list of the available formats

printing and embossing

- glossy and matt paint - UV or matte lacquer - glitter - Metalizer - stamping - gilding - hotstamping - printing 3D