o r d e r f o r m

Playing cards can be the perfect advertising and promotional product, with a wide range of applications in any advertising campaign. You can use them to support sales, create your company image and effectively communicate with your clients and partners thanks to their flexibility and marketing potential. The ability to fully personalize the front, back and packaging of your deck of cards is one of their biggest strengths and makes it a very responsive tool of the trade. Our cards will satisfy any and all demands of a marketing campaign. Dedicated promotional games are also growing in popularity – you can count on our help and support with designing such products.


Cards are a popular and well-liked advertising medium attracting much attention thanks to its versatile nature. They serve as practical gifts and ensure effective advertising. The Trefl-Kraków cards manufacturer can customise both front and back sides of cards. Moreover, various ready-to-use designs are available for clients.


Currently, the games market is being developed very dynamically. More and more people of all ages are playing games. Thanks to our employees’ invaluable experience, we offer our clients technical guidance and practical advice.