Fabryka Kart supports Polish brands and helps hospitals!

Fabryka Kart supports Polish brands and helps hospitals!

In the current situation, so difficult to all of us and causing us all lots of problems, surprisingly many of us have regained their faith in humanity…

Bearing in mind everything that has been happening all around us and knowing how much our health services need personal protective equipment, which unfortunately at this time are scarce, and at the same time understanding the harsh situation of our local, Polish companies, Fabryka Kart has decided to make a contribution to supporting health services.

We support Polish brands and help hospitals! A clothing company VZOOR has been sewing protective masks and Fabryka Kart has decided to pay for their hard and altruistic work, in order to help our silent heroes – the healthcare workers – who risk their lives, saving us all.

If we were to find positive sides of the coronavirus pandemic, all we need to do is log onto facebook or other social media, where positive information floods us from everywhere.

Our thoughts go to restaurant owners, who despite their challenging financial situation caused by their businesses being closed, prepare hot meals for healthcare workers.

We are proud of volunteers who without a second thought support the elderly and those in need. You cannot leave home because you are under quarantine or you are in the risk group, you have no one to do grocery shopping for you or take your dog for a walk? All you need to do is write to or call the people who have been offering their willingness to help all over social media.

We are deeply touched by the actions of Polish clothing companies, who without giving it a second thought have stopped producing their merchandise and instead decided to answer the desperate call of doctors and nurses, who began to lack enough protective masks and gear.

When on 13 March we were announced to be quarantined and the government introduced a permanent epidemic state of emergency, we began to feel as if we were actors in a sci-fi film. The current situation causes fears concerning our future, and the future of our loved ones, as well as the uncertain economy of the country. There is however also the other side of the coin. There are few situations like this one, where we can see the society speaking in unison, a society that is willing to support one another and cooperate. A society that we are part of and with great confidence we wish to say that we are very proud of it!